Heartburn for Two

Sometimes there is no elegant way to let out the trapped air that builds up in the small nut sized stomach space left by the bump. Belching like a navvy is no way ladylike but it’s gotta come out somehow. The sound effects are worse when sitting so any activity involving standing is light relief. Hence, the impressive amount of ironing I’m getting through these days! I’ve also mastered eating meals standing up.

It’s when you rift in public not having realised what you’ve done, in that moment,  and carry on as if this is normal behaviour.  The scary thing is part of me doesn’t care whilst one half finds it amusing and the other is somewhat shocked at my uncouth behaviour 🙂 Oh, how dignity slowly ebbs away in this natural state of motherhood.

Rennie’s do help me, and the orange ones give me a sweet buzz! For a while.

Still, I count my blessings!  Major nausea may have subsided at week 28 for heartburn and indigestion to take their turn, but I pride myself on having no back-ache or swollen extremities. Luck, genes or the adherence to a light fitness schedule, who knows, but I can still balance on one leg and perform a downward dog without too much bother! And the chilled out  music played during classes is just loud enough to mask the emitting air forced out by the gentle movements designed to stretch and balance various body parts.

Sweet release. Inner smile 😉



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